16 Hilarious Times The Midwest Was Caught Doing Midwest Things

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From what constitutes "nice" weather to their iconic passive aggression, here are some of the funniest times the Midwest was caught just doing Midwest things.

  • 1. Beautiful

    Photo: u/TheMonster_56 / Reddit
  • 2. It's So Nice Out

    It's So Nice Out
    Photo: Twitter / Reddit
  • 3. Windchill Is A Real Pain

    Windchill Is A Real Pain
    Photo: Twitter / Reddit
  • 4. Oh It's Wednesday

    Oh It's Wednesday
    Photo: u/HobbIedehoy / Reddit
  • 5. The Midwest Contains Multitudes

    The Midwest Contains Multitudes
    Photo: u/mallordactyle / Reddit
  • 6. Yep

    Photo: Twitter / Reddit