Hilarious Moments On 'Boy Meets World' That Prove It's Time For A Rewatch

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There were so many hilarious moments on Boy Meets World that we're still laughing about it today. It may have been a show that was targeted towards younger audiences, but that didn't stop them from having one great joke after another. Boy Meets World wasn't just an ABC sitcom but a sharply written coming of age story that gave us timeless characters and will forever be in our hearts. 

In case you forgot, here are some of the funniest moments on Boy Meets World that will have you dying for a re-watch. 

Photo: Boy Meets World / ABC

  • 1. Bromance

    Photo: ABC
    108 votes
  • 2. They Would Make A Good Couple

    They Would Make A Good Couple
    Photo: ABC
    96 votes
  • 3. Weird Middle Name

    Weird Middle Name
    Photo: ABC
    93 votes
  • 4. Yah-Lay

    Photo: ABC
    80 votes
  • 5. Gotta Tell Shawn

    Gotta Tell Shawn
    Photo: ABC
    100 votes
  • 6. True Love

    True Love
    Photo: ABC
    78 votes