23 Hollywood Extras Who Forgot How to Act for a Minute  

Ashley Reign
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Ever dream of packing it up, moving to Hollywood. and being a part of the magic of movie making? Do you wonder what it’d be like to be on set every day with Hollywood stars and famous directors, but you’re worried you aren’t talented enough? Well, it turns out you may be in luck! You see, movie stars aren’t the only people who get to be in movies.

Watch any of your favorite films and you’re likely to dozens, even hundreds of random people hanging out in the background. These guys are called “background actors” or “extras” and there’s absolutely no guarantee that they’ll be competent at their jobs.

Here we’ve assembled a collection of the worst movie extras in film history. Below you’ll find some hysterical examples of movie extras messing up in the backgrounds of your favorite films. Though you may have never noticed any of these hysterically bad performances before, trust us, you’ll never be able to unsee them again!

Although it can be pretty grueling hanging out on a set all day, standing in the same spot for hours, and having to constantly have fake conversations over the shoulder of some movie star, let’s just say that casting agencies aren’t always picky when it comes to “qualifications” needed to sign up as a background actor. This list of bad movie extras is proof that almost anybody can be a background actor, which isn’t always a good thing. Regardless, after getting a load of these funny movie extras messing up in the background of their scenes, you’ll have an even deeper appreciation of the professionals who do it well.
The Guy in the Background Sweeping Air

James Bond: Quantum of Solace, 2008
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This Horse Nailing One of His Fellow Extras in the Crotch

The Last Samurai, 2003
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The Guy on the Left Losing a Fight to an Imaginary Foe

The Dark Night Rises, 2012
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This Guy Who Hopes You Won't See Him if He Moves Slowly

The Emmys, 2013
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