'Mr. Robot' Has Inspired The Funniest Memes About Hacking On The Internet

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In August 2015, a Reddit user found a picture of Rami Malek dressed as his hacker character, Elliot Alderson, from one of the best USA network original shows called Mr. Robot. The picture, which features Malek with an arrogant self-serving look on his face with his arms folded, inspired a slew of hilarious hacking memes that harken back to the original Hackerman memes. 

The Hackerman memes started in 2015, sprouting from the Swedish short action comedy Kung Fury. The memes featured the character “HACKERMAN,” the joke being the image of a person with an extremely high sense of self-esteem who just solved a very simple technical issue. The Mr. Robot Hackerman memes have popped up all over the Internet, and anyone who watches the show knows that Elliot Alderson is a very sullen and serious character who is also an expert computer hacker. The image of a smiling and happy Rami Malek dressed as Elliot, but clearly in between takes or during a break in production, is a really funny juxtaposition to what Mr. Robot fans are used to seeing during the show.

This may actually be the first time that anyone has seen Elliot smile, and the cocky look on his face only makes the Hackerman Mr. Robot memes that much funnier. Here are some of the funniest Mr. Robot Hackerman memes on the World Wide Web - vote up the most hilarious ones!