The Creepiest (Funny) Mugshots Ever

Every day, all over the country, people make questionable decisions that lead to their arrest, and the taking of inmate mugshots. Usually, the photos that are taken by jailhouse photographers are kind of a bummer, on account of the people in the mugshots having just committed a crime. But sometimes, the mugshot photos are absolute gold. Those are the types of funny mugshots that we’ve collected on this list of mugshots that are sure to haunt your dreams… but in a good way! 

If you’re the kind of person who has poor impulse control, then you might want to study these funny mug shots, because you never know when you’re going to get thrown in the slammer and have to take a photo that’s going to get picked up by one of the many papers and websites that would love to post your funny mugshot all over town. As far as ridiculous mugshots go, everyone has their favorite kind. Whether you prefer potentially drugged up crazy people, dudes with insane hair, or people who are just figuring out how much trouble they’re in – we’ve got you covered. So wipe off your American flag face paint, change out of your ironic t-shirt, and get ready to see some of the funniest, and creepiest mugshots to come out of the good ol’ U.S. of A.

Now that you’ve seen what not to wear, vote up the funniest, most crazy go nuts mugshots, and then tell everyone all about the time you got arrested for trying to shoplift a parade float. Hopefully you don't end up on a funny mugshots list one day!