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The 25+ Funniest My Hero Academia Memes

Given how popular MHA has become, it shouldn't be surprising that hundreds if not thousands of fans have created hilarious My Hero Academia memes that perfectly encapsulate how we all feel about this amazing anime. Let's take a look at the best My Hero Academia memes on the Internet, ranked by your votes.

Why are there so many funny Bakugo memes? He's not the protagonist of My Hero Academia, but his temper and strange relationship with Deku provide fodder for some great memes. They usually revolve around how poorly he treats Deku, despite the kindness that Deku always shows him. There are many great Shoto Todoroki memes on the list as well, including some funny but sad memes about his jerk dad Endeavor. You better believe there are some fantastic All Might memes as well, including one face swap that you simply can't unsee.

Vote up the My Hero Academia memes that made you laugh the hardest, or perhaps just the ones that you could relate to most.