Hilarious Mythical Creatures That Some People Actually Believe Exist  

Laura Allan
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We've all heard of Nessie and Bigfoot, but what about some of the lesser known mythical creatures? Horse demons, giant mutant frogs, or maybe random clergymen hanging out in the ocean? It all sounds a little absurd, doesn't it? But some people actually believe funny mythical creatures like this exist, with sightings and reports happening more recently than you'd believe. 

Cryptids that range from the silly to the obscene have always been a part of our history and they probably will be for centuries to come. The strangest thing about these ridiculous creatures from myths that people think exist is that many sightings are from reputable sources. Businessmen, explorers, and police officers can say they saw something weird, and even if it's sounds completely made up, people are more likely to believe it. That might be why many of these urban legends and myths have persisted.

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Photo: Puggles/flickr/CC-BY 2.0

Along the same lines as a Jackalope, the Wolpertinger is a taxidermist's playground. They originate in Bavaria, and are shown as having a rabbit body, feathered wings, horns, fangs, and bird feet, and are rumored to have a love of young beautiful women. One interesting thing is that these creatures are hardly a new invention. There are wood carvings dating all the way back to the 17th century which purportedly show a similar creature and there are still occasional reported sightings today! Of course, those could just be rabbits with tumors on their heads, but who are we to say for sure?

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Skunk Ape
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Photo: giveawayboy/flickr/CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

The name alone is reason enough to laugh, but the Skunk Ape is honestly just a poor man's Bigfoot. For one thing, they usually only have three toes, as opposed to Bigfoot's full five. They also hang out in swamps around Florida and other areas of the south, and legends about them being carnivorous and hating dogs have persisted for centuries. The silliest thing about these guys is the smell. Supposedly, their stink is completely overwhelming, and you can smell them coming a mile away! 

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Photo: Internet Archive Book Images/flickr/No known copyright restrictions

The Popobawa is a mythical cryptid who lives in Zanzibar that has a propensity for attacking, beating, and raping people. That alone sounds genuinely terrifying - and like a reason to call the police - but there's more to the story than that. Apparently, this bat-like creature with one eye will sneak into houses, invade dreams, and only come at you when you are at your weakest, and has been doing so for potentially hundreds of years. 

The kind of funny thing about this creature is this: it will only assault people who are skeptical of its existence. That's right, don't question people about what they've seen or doubt that the creature exists or you'll get attacked! The mere concept of that is kind of ridiculous. 

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Photo: cogdogblog/flickr/CC-BY 2.0

This may be one of the most well-known cryptids out there, but it's also definitely one of the most absurd. Jackalopes were created in the 1930s by taxidermists who attached deer antlers to the taxidermied body of a rabbit. It was originally done as a joke, but the popularity of this practice spread, and soon people began to believe the animal was real. It certainly doesn't help that the head of one is hanging in the Wyoming capitol building.

However, there are, in fact, a few legends that mention horned rabbits, as well as a hunter who reportedly sighted a Jackalope in 1829. That claim was never verified, but those few stories have been enough to lead people to suspect that the creature really exists in the world. 

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