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Hilarious Mythical Creatures That Some People Actually Believe Exist

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We've all heard of Nessie and Bigfoot, but what about some of the lesser known mythical creatures? Horse demons, giant mutant frogs, or maybe random clergymen hanging out in the ocean? It all sounds a little absurd, doesn't it? But some people actually believe funny mythical creatures like this exist, with sightings and reports happening more recently than you'd believe. 

Cryptids that range from the silly to the obscene have always been a part of our history and they probably will be for centuries to come. The strangest thing about these ridiculous creatures from myths that people think exist is that many sightings are from reputable sources. Businessmen, explorers, and police officers can say they saw something weird, and even if it's sounds completely made up, people are more likely to believe it. That might be why many of these urban legends and myths have persisted.

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    The Goatman of Maryland

    Photo: Digital Collections at the University of Maryland / flickr / CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

    You know the faun, Mr. Tumnus, from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe? Well, it turns out some people in Maryland actually believe he exists and that he's a creepy monster. Strange sightings, urban legends from teenagers, and "ancient" stories from the 1950s all speak of a half-man, half goat creature. Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to be very nice, as evidenced by dead and mutilated pets, as well as supposed attacks on teens. The Goatman does seem to mostly attack teens, it should be noted, so that could be why the legends have been passed down over the years. Teenagers do spin the best yarns, after all. 

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    The Sea Monk

    Ok, just take a moment to look at this thing. Really. Can you do anything but really giggle-snort at it? Of course, just because it's absurd-looking doesn't mean it doesn't have a long history. The Sea Monk, or Sea Bishop, was first sighted in 1546 off the coast of Denmark and there have been sightings as recently as 2011. Supposedly, these strange humanoid fish people are a sort of aquatic missing link, though many others say that they are just giant squids, which can look pretty weird in their own right. 

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    Melon Heads

    Photo: RichKnowles / flickr / CC-BY-NC 2.0

    This is actually a really cool and sad urban legend when you stop to think about it. The legend says that in Kirtland, OH there was a man who took care of mutated children, many of whom had huge, bulbous heads. Some versions of the legend even say they weren't fully human, and that's because the man used them for twisted, dark experiments, mutating them all the further.

    Eventually, the barely-human children rebelled and killed him, then fled to live in the sewers or woods. From there, the children reproduced, and now many of the deformed offspring roam the woods. There are occasional sightings of strange humanoid creatures in that area of Ohio, and while the idea is pretty absurd, it's hard not to be drawn in by such a tragic story. 

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    Champ the Lake Monster

    Photo: subadei / flickr / CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

    The Scots have their Loch monster, Nessie, and the United States has a monster in Lake Champlain. The man who named the lake, Samuel de Champlain, originally mentioned there were strange species living there, and from that moment on, there were sightings of an unusual, monstrous thing in the depths of the lake. Pretty standard lake monster stuff, really, and they call the thing "Champ."

    The really funny thing about all this is how much Champ has been embraced by locals. There's a baseball team with Champ as the mascot, there's a massive display listing all the sightings by the lake, and there's even a festival to honor him once a year, complete with a parade. He's even protected by state law so that if he's found, no one will hurt him. 

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