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30+ Naruto Uzumaki Memes That Made Us Laugh Way Too Hard

Updated December 17, 2020 36.3k votes 4.5k voters 203.7k views33 items

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Naruto Uzumaki is one of the most iconic and memorable anime protagonists to exist. From his optimistic personality to his hilarious antics, he's a character who has lovingly been a part of many people's childhoods. Therefore, it's not surprising that thousands of fans have taken to the Internet to create high-quality memes about our favorite ramen-loving Hokage. This list will introduce you to some of his best memes on the Internet, ranked by your votes.

Whether you like his character or not, these Naruto memes will give you a good chuckle. Vote up the ones that you think are the funniest!


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    Naruto's A Player

    Photo: Shrenade514 / Reddit
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    Poor Naruto

    Photo: Getsuga58 / Reddit
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    Swing-kun Had The Most Screen Time

    Photo: NarutoNamimaki / Reddit
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    Time To Make The Call

    Photo: Crangore32 / Reddit
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