The Funniest Netflix Subtitle FAILs Ever

Netflix is always there for you. In good times when you want to enjoy doing nothing, and in bad times when you want to do something but you just can't muster the energy to do it. It's there for you when you're lonely late at night, and it's there for you when you've run out of things to talk about with our significant other. The only thing more awesome than Netflix itself are their funny subtitles. Whoever is in charge of doing subtitles at Netflix deserves a raise, because even their fails are downright hilarious. So just in case you needed another excuse to waste more quality time with Netflix, here are some of the funniest subtitles in Netflix history.

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    Supernatural Subtitles

    Supernatural Subtitles
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    Present Tense

    Present Tense
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    While You Stare in English

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    Friends Subtitles Done RIght

    Friends Subtitles Done RIght
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