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Hilarious Onesies Every New Parent Will Want For Their Kid

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Being a new parent opens the doors to many exciting possibilities, and that includes new parent puns to put on your pride and joy's onesie. The moment you become a parent marks the start of parent word play you'll use on these ungrateful little saps until you finally boot them from the nest. As the guardian of a child's well-being, you learn how to utilize humor to make everyday life easier, such as vegetable puns to get your children to swallow their broccoli. While the prospect of becoming a parent comes with a lot of stress, looking down at clever parenting puns makes a diaper change less horrifying and more hilarious.

The fact that your baby fails to understand parent word play only enhances the perfection behind these onesies, each landing like the perfect dad joke. Featuring references to music, movies, and even your iPhone, parenting pun onesies let everyone else know your child's life is in capable and clever hands.