Hilarious Nick Offerman Quotes That Prove He's Basically Ron Swanson

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Few sitcom characters are as instantly beloved as Parks and Recreation's Ron Swanson. A lot of that love is due to the incredible performance of Nick Offerman: he makes Ron one part gruff outdoorsman, one part sage philosopher, and all parts hilarious. As anyone who's met the actor can attest to, Nick Offerman is basically Ron Swanson in real life. His fictional alter ego knew his way around a quip, but these hilarious Nick Offerman quotes prove the real man is just as funny.

Beyond the funny things Nick Offerman has said, though, or posted on Instagram, you'll find some nuggets of real wisdom. From tips on how to correctly drink moonshine to his thoughts on love, Offerman has proven himself to be the comedic guru the world needs right now.

These quotes will make you love Nick Offerman more than you already do - if that's even possible.

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  • 1. He Has His Priorities Straight

    He Has His Priorities Straight
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  • 2. Why Even Ask?

    Why Even Ask?
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  • 3. Drinking Lessons At Their Finest

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  • 4. Adorable And Scary At The Same Time

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  • 5. Nick Offerman: The SparkNotes Edition

    Nick Offerman: The SparkNotes Edition
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  • 6. Bacon Is Everything

    Bacon Is Everything
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