20 People Share Their "Nightmare Co-Worker" Horror Stories  

Damon Davis
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As if work doesn't suck enough already, it's made worse by horrible co-workers who seemingly spend every waking moment making your life a living hell. These horror stories about nightmare co-workers will send a shiver down your spine, especially because so many of you can likely relate.

That's Snot Fun

From User OrangeJuicestice:

Currently working with a person who has had a sinus infection since November 2016. That's right: wet, chunky coughs, 9 hours a day, 5 days a week, for going on 10 months.

No she does not leave the team area for coughing attacks, she just retches up whatever it is and gulps it back down. 10 months of that in a quiet office.

Nothing Worse Than Unsavy Tech Bosses

From User izwald88:

My bosses, which are all related to one another, being a family owned business, have no clue about technology. The VP is the worst. They are all decent people, but he gets angry when technology does not work for him. In this case, he got upset that his tiny netbook with 4GB of memory was slow. Upon inspection, he had 5+ tabs open, along with various Office apps and a music player. I found it very hard to explain that the little device just wasn't built for that kind of load.

iPad Thief

From User Kelslaw:

"Worked at Best Buy for a couple of years in college. One guy was on a lot of drugs and was nuts. We had a theft problem with iPads. He was being watched, but they couldn't catch him. There were days where he would be yelling and shouting across the department. It was scary a few times since he would be yelling and cussing at me. I was put on final warning for the register being $100 off. My GM and managers knew it wasn't me, but they had to do it since I was logged into that register that day. He stopped showing up at some point fortunately. I was told that he and the Apple rep were the ones stealing the iPads to get money for their drug habits."

Not A Dog Person

From Reddit user /u/neverbelieveagain:

I work in a dog grooming salon. My coworker "A" is a self-professed "cat person". She doesn't like our customers, she doesn't like most dogs. She complains if she's booked dogs, she complains if she isn't booked dogs. She somehow never managed to commission, and complains about that too.

She never helps clean, and when I close with her she will disappear because at 8:30pm apparently she has to take a twenty minute poop in the bathroom.

She claims to be allergic to most foods but still eats McDonalds and Burger King. She allegedly has Celiac's disease but has never been tested. She also is allergic to cats, flowers, latex, almost anything. Despite claiming to be an avid Gardner the one time a coworker got flowers she insisted they be removed from our work area because she was allergic. Same when another coworker received balloons.

She has said on more than one occasion she likes to find out people's weaknesses and pick at them. One of my coworker's lives with her in-laws as both of them have student debt they are very close to paying off. A will constantly add small digs at her like "Not that you would know, it's not like you have to pay rent or a mortgage like real adults."

Everyone complains about her but our one manager has worked with her since the beginning and clearly doesn't feel comfortable talking to her, and our other manager is bffs with her husband.

She is good at her job, and even deals with difficult dogs well. She just has such a shit personality and is so negative about everything.