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The Best Norm Macdonald Jokes, Ranked

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Here are the best Norm Macdonald jokes of all-time, ranked by comedy fans everywhere. Norm Macdonald's stand-up may be an acquired taste, but once you get into it, you cannot get enough. You only need to watch one of his stand-up specials to realize he has a proclivity for discussing some of the darkest aspects of humanity in his set. But that doesn't stop it from being downright hilarious. It is easy to see why so many consider him to be a "comedian's comedian." If you have never heard any of these before, then get ready to laugh your butt off. 

Norm Macdonald got his start on Saturday Night Live, but he really became a household name when he took the reigns of Weekend Update. As the anchor, he had no problem telling it like it was, which didn't necessarily earn him any friends from the censorship department. Since then, he's gone on to star in films like Dr. Dolittle, Billy Madison, and Dirty Work. There are truly no other stand-up comedians like him, which can make it tough to find the funniest Norm Macdonald joke ever. From funny one-liners to anti-jokes, here is some of Norm Macdonald's best jokes. 

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