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15 Funny Obituaries That Prove You Can Still Be Funny After Death

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Though thinking up obituary ideas may be about the last thing on your to-do list, this collection of humorous end-of-life announcements will prove that a little forethought and planning really can guarantee you'll have the last laugh in the long run. Here you'll find funny obits written by and about people whose love of laughter straight up transcended their passing. After all, what better time to leave a little something to cheer up friends and loved ones?

Though the idea of funny obits may sound a little disrespectful, you'll see below that nothing could be further from the truth. This list of dearly departed loved ones took the opportunity to utter last-minute confessions, crack jokes at the expense of themselves, and tell the world what they really thought. 

So dry your tears and come on in as you get a load of the stories and final thoughts of people who refused to let their end take their smile.

  • 5. Christian Louis Hacker, Who Had A Lot Of Stuff

    "Christian Louis Hacker, 67, better known as Lou Hacker, of Valatie, [passed] April 9, 2015, at the Samuel Stratton VA Medical Center in Albany, leaving behind a hell of a lot of stuff his wife and daughter have no idea what to do with..."

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  • 6. Richard Norton Bacon (Rick), Who Might Be Somewhere Hot

    "Richard Norton Bacon (Rick) of Lumberton has left the building. His friends will tell you he's in a better place. The rest will say they can smell the Bacon burning." 

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  • 7. Mary A. 'Pink' Mullaney, Who Shared Many Life Lessons

    "We were blessed to learn many valuable lessons from Pink during her 85 years, among them: Never throw away old pantyhose. Use the old ones to tie gutters, child-proof cabinets, tie toilet flappers, or hang Christmas ornaments. Also: If a possum takes up residence in your shed, grab a barbecue brush to coax him out. If he doesn't leave, brush him for twenty minutes and let him stay. "

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  • 8. Mary 'Pat' Stocks, Who Loved Four-Letter Words

    "She liked four letter words as much as she loved her rock garden and trust us she LOVED to weed that garden with us as her helpers, when child labour was legal or so we were told."

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