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Old People Who Are Cooler Than You

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Old age isn't usually thought of as the most fun time in a person's life. That's probably thanks to the bunions, bad hips, failing vision, and ungrateful kids that come along with all those candles on the birthday cake. So instead of waiting to go quietly into old age, we’ve decided to start planning how to become totally bad*ss old people. We invite all the other youngsters out there to do the same. If we all start taking notes from funny old people now, then by the time we’re 90, we can all live in the coolest home on the block.

Thanks to these funny pictures of old people, you'll learn that being old means you don't have to give a sh*t anymore. Rest assured, these old people know damn well that they shouldn’t be engaging in these behaviors. The difference between them and sub-par old folk, however, is that they simply do not care. The folks you’ll find in these funny old people pics have seen it all; they’ve braved depressions, wars, and hard times. They've earned the right to wear a Spider-Man outfit in public any time they damn well please.

So come on in and start learning the art of old age from these funny old people pictures. You’ll get tips on hilarious old folks' attire, see definitive proof that swag never expires, and learn to be an all-around bad*ss as you start planning the retirement details that really matter.

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    Best Accidental Brilliant Plan Ever

    Photo: me.me
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    An Amazing Argument For Never Ever Growing Up

    Photo: Pinterest
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    Grandma's Special Holiday Card To The Kids Who Never Call

    Photo: u/L15t3r0f5m3g / Reddit
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    Granny High Fashion

    Photo: u/misterzoe / Reddit