24 Adorable Old Photos of Celebrities Their Moms Would Probably Love to Show You

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You may be used to seeing their now-flawless faces on magazine covers, but have you ever wondered what some of your favorite celebrities looked like when they were young? Could it be that famous people are exempt from the whole awkward adolescent phase that many of us know all too well or did they too have to suffer through it like everyone else? Here you'll discover what some of your favorite stars looked like when they were kids via this adorable collection of old photos of celebrities.  

You'll see awkward celebrity photos of now-gorgeous women who it seems were once subjected to the horrors of the DIY mom haircut. You'll also get a load of some of the world's hunkiest guys when they were just little dudes on Christmas morning or hanging out with their dads by the lake. You'll even see some pretty awkward celebrity family photos and funny celeb yearbook photos.

From the good to the bad to the hilarious, get ready to find out what life was like for some of the biggest actors, musicians, and models around before they grew up to become the famous folks you now know.

Photo: via Instagram