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Funny Names to Give an Opossum

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Whether you own a pet opossum or have one as a regular visitor to your backyard, you really should give the critter a name. This list of opossum name ideas is an excellent jumping off point. From funny to clever to cute opossum names, choose your favorites. Hopefully you find the perfect creative moniker for your furry, slightly scary looking friend.

Where to start with names for pet possums? Opossums are marsupials, though they aren't nearly as popular as their cousins kangaroos and koalas. So, let’s find the funniest opossum names and puns to celebrate these funny creatures.

Awesome Possum would be a great name for your new buddy. Pogo was a famous comic book possum for decades. And Crash and Eddie were both prominently featured in Ice Age: The Meltdown. Those would all be great possum name ideas. You could also go with some certified “redneck” names for your possum, since the animal is closely associated with the South. Why not Goober or Moonshine - or even Road Kill?

Read through this list of cool and punny opossum names, and vote for your personal picks!

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List Rules: Vote up the funniest, most clever names to give pet possums.