twitter Hilarious Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up Parenting  

Anna Lindwasser
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These hilarious Tweets that perfectly sum up the rewarding, exhausting, and also kind of ridiculous aspects of parenting. Sometimes, being a mom or dad is about cleaning your kid's poop off the walls after they decided it would be great finger painting material, and sometimes, it's about interpreting cryptic notes from pre-schoolers who know too much.

Whatever your parenting struggles, these real Tweets about being a parent will have you in stitches. If you're not a parent yourself, funny tweets about parenting can help you understand what the moms and dads around you are dealing with. Be warned, however, some of these missives from the frontline of parenting can be a bit cringeworthy.

Read on to discover some honest and hilarious parenting Tweets, and make sure to vote up some of your favorite posts. 

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Sure, As Long As It's Not Caillou


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That Pretty Much Sums Up The Whole Parenting Experience


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The Best Thing About Being A Parent


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Gotta Rack Up Brownie Points With Santa