22 Period Tweets You'll Wish You Didn't Totally Relate To

Ladies, have you ever wished there was a special haven that we women could flee to and claim sanctuary during those special times of each month when our uteruses decide to remind us of the joys of being a women? It'd be a magical place where the chocolate flowed like wine, each snappy comment was met with an understanding smile, and a pair of loving hands were always waiting with a gentle back massage. While all we can do is long for the day when this vision somehow becomes a reality, for now we’ve decided to at least put together this collection of funny period tweets to pass the time while we wait. These tweets about periods are from smart and funny women who are here to reassure you that you’re not alone during your hour of super-crampy need.

As every woman knows, if there were an ounce of justice in this world, it would come in the form of a free pass on those days of the month when we females are called upon to experience every emotion ever, all at once. But until that day, we hope that these period jokes can at least put as much of a smile on your face as your treacherous, unruly uterus will allow. Though they’re no substitute for a good cry and a king size pack of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, at least we can laugh together at our misfortune.

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    Another Woman Falls Victim to Hollywood's Vicious Double Standards

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    When a Man Forgets He Doesn't Meet the Minimum Comment Requirements

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    The Many Gifts of Womanhood

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    When Your Boyfriend Tries to Have a Bad Day While You're Cramping

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    When Every Straw Is the Last One

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    Works Every Time

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