18 Unfortunate Pet Halloween Costumes

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Vote up the pet costumes that are the most hilarious to you... and the most humiliating for your pet.

Counting down the days to Halloween? Let's face it, this holiday is hella fun, but it does come with a fair amount of bother and stress. There's lots to do, including putting together the finishing touches on your costume, arranging a designated driver for the evening's spook-tacular revelry, and preparing to shell out more money on candy to feed trick-or-treaters than you probably pay in taxes. It's important to keep a sense of humor alive while going through the motions, which is probably why many people decide to dress their pets in Halloween costumes. Who doesn't want to see a pug dressed like Yoda, or a cat that looks just like Walter White?

Most animals are good sports, even though it seems evident that many feel demoralized while wearing Halloween costumes. Vote up which of these unfortunately dressed pets is worthy of the most laughs. Keep in mind that no animals were harmed in any of these photos... unless you count the crushing of their souls.