23 Hilarious Pet Disasters That Might Never Get Cleaned Up

No matter how much the average pet owner loves their furry little friend, most will also freely admit that pet ownership is not exactly all roses and rainbows. Don’t get me wrong, if you’re looking for a best friend then an animal is an excellent route to go. At times however, you’ve just got to be prepared for the fact that cats, dogs, and other pets occasionally express their love in “unique” ways as you’ll see from the following collection of photos featuring funny pet disasters.

The pet messes you’ll find here were made by pets who assure you they didn’t mean too. Most were just walking around the house, longing for their favorite fur-parent’s return when suddenly they found themselves in the midst of a variety of pet disasters that they promise happened so fast, they just weren’t able to intercede. Among the cute messy pets you’re about to meet, you’ll find dogs who have no idea how the furniture suddenly exploded and cats who claim that it was totally someone else who broke in and knocked over the paint.

So the next time you’re feeling a little low about your own cleanliness or are just looking for a good laugh, this list is here to brighten your day. These guilty pets will certainly succeed at bringing a smile to your face.