Weird Nature People Share Names They Called Their Pets Originally Vs. What They Call Them Now  

Anna Lindwasser
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Sometimes you give your pet a name, and for a variety of reasons, it just doesn't stick. Maybe you tried to give your dog a dignified moniker, but he has a tendency to look derpy and eat things he shouldn't, so you end up with a series of hilarious pet nicknames. Maybe your cat had a cutesy name, but proved to be more of a regal type. Or, maybe you just think of a bunch of funny pet nicknames that have nothing do do with the animal's behavior. 

These tweets humorously illustrate what people named their pets vs. what they call them now. You'll find a dog named Heidi who goes by Nostrilization, a cat named Migwib who used to be named Sebastian, and so much more. Sit back, relax, and enjoy some funny pet name evolutions.

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A Distinguished Name For A Distinguished Dog


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Hey, It Could've Been Nutbutt


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What Happens When Mat And Rug Grow Up?


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Be Careful Calling This Dog


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