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The Funniest Memes For Philadelphia Eagles Haters

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The funniest Philadelphia Eagles memes have seen the fans and haters of the team enjoying the use of internet humor to get through the 2019 NFL season and now the playoffs. Philadelphia made the playoffs despite not having the best of seasons on the field. Many fans are bitter that the Eagles get a chance to compete for the Super Bowl by surviving the dreadful NFC East. 

All the memes feature 2019 jokes about the Eagles team, fan base or general humor surrounding the franchise. Carson Wentz found his way into many memes due to the polarizing nature of his career so far, particularly among fans of the team.

The funniest Eagles jokes on the internet will all be featured here, so vote up the funny ones that truly make you laugh or at least provide a chuckle. Help us figure out just which of the Philadelphia memes stand at the top of the NFL punch lines.

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    Talent Is Talent

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    America's New Team

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    Did You Catch The Reference?

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    Still Made The Playoffs

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