An 89-Year-Old Granny Just Found Photography, And Her Self-Portraits Are Hilariously Heartwarming

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This grandma doesn't even need to bake to be great. Vote up the photographs that have you wishing that this comedienne was your granny instead of just a stranger online.

89-year-old Japanese grandma Kimiko Nishimoto has just schooled the entire Internet. While some selfie-takers fail epically, Nishimoto is a pro at posing. She started snapping pics when she turned 72 and has since developed a unique style that's as adorable as it is hilarious. this grandmother's takes very artistic photographs but her funny self-portraits have gone viral.

Kimiko Nishimoto is absolutely in love with photography; she created her own website to display her work and even had her first exhibition in her hometown a few years ago. Now Nishimoto is set to have her work displayed at the Tokyo Epson epSite, a gallery that specifically showcases the work of digital artists. The exhibition will be called "Asobokane" which translates to "let's play" and is sure to include work even greater than the snaps below.