These Photos of Animals at Weddings Are Just Delightful

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While the idea of including pets in wedding photos is no doubt an adorable one, anyone who has ever invited an animal to their wedding can assure you that things don't always go as planned. Here you'll find a hysterical collection of animals in wedding photos, whether that was the original plan or not. These funny wedding photos feature everything from hysterical pets posing with the bride and groom to wild animals pulling off brilliant wedding photobombs.

Here you'll see everything from wild animals sneaking a peek at the happy couple from the background to rogue pets who decided to make a little love of their own. So before you fully commit to dubbing your dog the ring bearer or promising your cat the role of honorary flower girl, check out these hilarious examples of just how adorably wrong things can go.

It's not that these funny little fur or feathered-covered guys aren't enjoying the ceremony, it's that they insist on doing it on their own terms, regardless of what exactly that may entail.