18 Funny Photos of Elf on the Shelf Gone Bad

Elf on a Shelf has become quite a phenomenon around Christmastime, and it was only a matter of time before some bad elves - the "bad seeds" and juvenile de-Elf-quents - came out of the woodwork, or from the The North Pole's bad side of town. What happens when the Elf on the Shelf gets a little taste of the good life and goes on a freedom bender? What about all those good elves who've been wronged and shuffled over to the dark side?

It's a total drag being nice all the time, so don't miss out on this fun bit of Christmas naughtiness. These aren't the innocent, kind, helpful Santa elves who make toys for all the good girls and boys. These are the naughty elves who've gone rogue.

Vote for the most inappropriate, funniest, elf-gone-bad photos below, courtesy of those sketchy elves from the "wrong side of the shelf."