PMS Tweets That'll Make You Laugh/Cry/Want Ice Cream

Ladies: have you ever been so caught up in the terrifying grip of PMS that you wondered if there were anyone else in the world that could possibly relate to your pain? Guys: have you ever wondered what this mysterious force is that each month turns your normally mild-mannered girlfriend into a force that makes the Hulk look like a Girl Scout? Well if so then you've come to the right place. Here you'll find a collection of PMS tweets that'll have you rolling as they nail the essence of everything an enraged uterus has to offer.

These funny PMS tweets celebrate things such as the sacred status of chocolate and warm pretzels among menstruating women everywhere as well as the bewildering feeling of experiencing every emotion ever known to womankind over the course of just five minutes. Ladies everywhere can sympathize with these PMS Twitter users as they cry over small children, YouTube videos of adorable animals, and sometimes absolutely nothing at all.

So the next time you can’t decide whether to tearfully beg for a hug, allow your wrath to descend like a hurricane, or eat one more bite of that tasty ice cream you’ve been nursing, these tweets have got you covered. Hopefully these PMS jokes will give you a laugh as they assure you that you or your favorite menstruating woman of the moment are far from alone.
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    When Hollywood Takes the Unrealistic Expectations Too Far

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    When Someone Asks How You Are and You Don't Know How to Put It Into Words

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    The Relief When You Realize PMS-You Had You on Cruise Control

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    When Nature Decides to Tack on a Few Bonus Offers

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    When You Have to Go Undercover with Your Dealer

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    When Your Inner Monologue Be Like:

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