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15+ Hilarious Pokémon Fan Comics True Masters Will Definitely Appreciate

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Pokémon can be totally nonsensical and sometimes downright creepy, so it's no surprise the internet is chock full of funny Pokémon comics.

The infinitely positive world of Pokémon is filled with animal battles, organized crime, and children roaming the streets unattended. Perhaps we can stomach all this danger because at the end of the day we all know that nothing of truly awful consequence ever happens in the Pokémon Universe - except for that time Mewtwo made a bunch of clones fight each other and according to the Pokédex every Cubone, “wears the skull of its deceased mother.” Do all Cubone moms die in child birth???

These internet Michelangelo's have found an infinite wellspring in the absurd nature of the Poké-verse. Please enjoy the tasty top cream of Pokémon web comics we have painstakingly curated for you.