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The Worst Pokestops Found So Far in Pokemon Go

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Pokemon Go is reintroducing all of us to our towns, and it’s a magnificent confluence of technology and reality that’s making for some very fun game play. Most of the Pokestops (areas that drop loot like Pokeballs, snacks, etc) are really interesting spots that offer a way to learn something while building your trainer status, but some Pokestops don’t seem to make a lick of sense. Thanks to the beautiful nerds over at Reddit we’ve been able to see some of the worst Pokestops in the game - everything from cars abandoned in trees to strip clubs apparently qualifies as a Pokestop, and that’s just the beginning. Rest your weary feet and take a look at these funny pokestops in Pokemon Go.

If you’ve played Pokemon Go for more than an hour then you know that the game has you going all over the city and into the middle of nowhere in search of Pokemon. For every national landmark that’s been turned into a designated Pokemon hotspot, there are plenty of funny Pokestops along the way. Users have found live animals being used as Pokestops, and even roadside sigils for dead relatives. It’s a weird world out there, we’re all just Pokemonning in it.

Vote up the worst Pokestops found so far in Pokemon Go, and if there’s a truly dismal Pokestop in your town, take to the comments and tell everyone about it.
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    Think of All the Pokemon That Never Were

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    No Pokemon Is Worth Residual Nuclear Radiation

    Photo: hiro_522 / flickr / CC-BY-NC 2.0

    In July 2016, Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings (Tepco) requested that Niantic keep Pokemon from popping up near the Fukushima nuclear plant - the site of an epic meltdown in 2011 which still has dangerous levels of radiation. Employees who tested the game at the plant said they found plenty of Pokemon in off-limits zones, and worried clueless/idiotic players might try to catch 'em all... even if it means radiation poisoning.

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    Maybe You Don't Have to Catch Them All

    Photo: flickr / CC0
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    Pokemon Go: Brought to You by Big Tobacco

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