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19 Opossums That Are Lit

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Maybe you've seen your share of weird possum pictures in the past, but here you'll meet a group of lit possums who are all about keepin' it real. These little tail-hangers are done with the workday and are here to invite you out for a good time. Cute possum photos feature critters enjoying the high life as they bus into liquor stores and roll out for a night on the town, all in a low key possum kind of way. 

You'll see cute possums charming their way into people's homes, snuggling up in cat beds, and even going for car rides. Whether they're rescue possums who have taken up with families or are kickin' it in the wild, they're sure to put a grin on your face with their antics.

So before you write them off as night-lurking rodents, check out these funny possum pictures. They're more charming than you think.

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    Kicking It Low Key

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    Nobody Here But Us Cats

    Photo: Eric Hertlein / The Dodo
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    Party Like A Rock Star, Live Like A Movie Star

    Photo: user uploaded image
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    Going Out With Your BFF

    Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY
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