19 Times People Made Hilarious Power Moves In Romantic Situations That We Can't Help But Respect

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From finding a replacement boyfriend for a prospective ex to making a fort out of menus at an Olive Garden, here are some of the funniest power moves that people pulled in romantic situations that we can't help but give some props for. Enjoy!

  • 1. Shut Them Up Real Good

    Shut Them Up Real Good
    Photo: A Redditor / Reddit
  • 2. Smooth

    Photo: Twitter / Reddit
  • 3. The Origin Behind "Shotgun Wedding"

    The Origin Behind "Shotgun Wedding"
    Photo: u/IronicBacon / Reddit
  • 4. Adorable

    Photo: u/katofsoup / Reddit
  • 5. The Duality Of Man

    The Duality Of Man
    Photo: u/acefeather / Reddit
  • 6. She Wins

    She Wins
    Photo: Twitter / Reddit