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Hilarious "Quotation Mark" Fails

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Quotation marks: how do they work? Modern scholars of the English language have been trying to figure out how to use quotation marks for years, and they just don’t make sense. Just kidding, it’s super easy to use quotation marks, but for some reason businesses can’t stop making hilarious quotation mark fails. Maybe they love all the free advertising they get from people laughing at them on the Internet, or maybe they don’t care. Either way, misused quotation marks are equally funny and nerve-wracking and they deserve a closer look. If you’re having trouble with your punctuation, we feel bad for you son, we got 99 problems but quotations ain’t one.

Funny quotation marks are all well and good, but sometimes they can be extremely confusing. What if you get a cake on your birthday and it says, World’s Best “Dad?” What are those quotation marks supposed to mean? Is Maury about to pop out to tell you that you’re not the father? Or do your children view you as more of a kindly older gent, and not a father figure? See, misused quotation marks can get you in all sorts of trouble. Check out this list and take a trip down punctuation lane with some of the most concerning quotation make placement.

Vote the strangest, most confusing, and downright worst placement of quotation marks. And if you’re one of the millions of "people" "afflicted" by unnecessary quotation mark-itis, feel "free" to “leave us a comment.”
Photo: flickr / CC0