19 People Who Had Way Too Much Fun with a Cash Register

If you've ever had a job manning a cash register, you know that it's not the most intellectually rewarding work. No matter how positive an outlook the average cashier has, there are customers out there who are just as skilled at being unpleasant as store employees are at being friendly. That’s why we’ve assembled this collection of funny receipts from epic sales associates who refused to let their time behind the cash register get them down.

Perhaps you’re a cashier looking for a few ways to infuse your job with a little joy? Or maybe you just need a little pick me up after a dealing with terrible service. Regardless, here you’ll find a hysterical collection of joke receipts that will restore your faith in humanity.

While these jokes on receipts may not make up for all the evils of the retail, restaurant, and service industries, hopefully they’ll leave as big a smile on your face as they did on the faces of the folks behind them. So whether you’re a cashier yourself, or are looking to brighten the day of someone who is, let the receipt antics begin!