Photos That Will Make Your Inner Redneck Laugh

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Thinking of heading down to the backwoods for your next vacation adventure? Well, if so, then don't forget to brush up on your hillbilly culture by learning a few funny tree puns and some redneck jokes that'll have you conversing like a local in no time. Here, you'll find a collection of hilarious redneck memes and white trash viral images that'll give you a crash course in how to blend in. 

Redneck puns are not only hilarious, but they also contain vast amounts of redneck wisdom with clever word play and lingo. You'll learn how to take common, everyday words and give them new, exciting meanings. Check out this list of amusing redneck memes and vote up the ones that make you crack a smile. 


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    Redneck Style Regrets

    Redneck Style Regrets
    Photo: Pinterest
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    Proof That Not Every Sale Is A Good Sale

    Proof That Not Every Sale Is A Good Sale
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    Can You Use That In A Sentence?

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    The Busy Life Of A Workin' Man