19 Hilarious Tumblr Posts About Professors That Pretty Accurately Sum Up The College Experience

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From pirating their own textbooks to running into them on the bus while late to class, here are some of the funniest posts we've seen from Tumblr users about their college professors. Enjoy!

  • 1. Forbidden Words

    Forbidden Words
    Photo: u/TheLiveLabyrinth / Reddit
    26 votes
  • 2. Oh Hey

    Oh Hey
    Photo: u/thewrongun / Reddit
    19 votes
  • 3. Good Advice

    Good Advice
    Photo: u/loudharpy / Reddit
    19 votes
  • 4. Baller Move

    Baller Move
    Photo: u/commonvanilla / Reddit
    17 votes
  • 5. Too Real

    Too Real
    Photo: u/thewrongun / Reddit
    17 votes
  • 6. Speak For Yourself

    Speak For Yourself
    Photo: u/ChampagneCream / Reddit
    16 votes