Funny Roller Derby Team Names

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Roller Derby. It's intense. It's fast. It's bloody. It's downright brutal and the ladies that participate in this bloodsport are just as intense, and fast, and bloody, and brutal, and totally awesome.

Skating around in a circle really fast while people are hitting you doesn't sound like my ideal Wednesday evening, but for these ladies, it's everything. And it should be. Everybody is allowed to have their own passion, and if there is one thing that roller derby isn't lacking, it's passion. It IS lacking sanity.

That being said... it's kind of ridiculous. What sport isn't if you boil it down to its core elements. With that in mind, here's a list of some funny Roller Derby Team names. Vote for your favorites now!
Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY
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  • The Scissor Sisters
    39 votes

    The Scissor Sisters

  • The Iron Maidens
    30 votes

    The Iron Maidens

  • Smash Mouth Girls
    12 votes

    Smash Mouth Girls

  • Women of Mass Destruction
    48 votes

    Women of Mass Destruction

  • Toxic Cherries
    58 votes

    Toxic Cherries

  • Holy Rollers
    26 votes

    Holy Rollers