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Funny Pranks To Pull On Your Roommates

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Whether you're sharing your college dorm with fellow students, or you're doing the roommate thing well into adulthood à la Will & Grace, there is always time for funny roommate pranks. You may think your roommate needs to lighten up. Perhaps you're close friends and just want to make them laugh. Or maybe they aren't much of a friend at all, and you'd like to initiate a little harmless passive-aggression; heck, a prank might even bring you closer together. Whatever your reason for wanting to pull an innocent but still wickedly fun prank, there's one out there with your name on it.

And you're in good company, too. Pranks and practical jokes have a surprisingly long and interesting history. The first documented one dates all the way back to the 15th century, when a monk concealed a beetle in a hollowed-out apple and frightened his monk-friends. Yup, that's the distinguished lineage you can join.

To get started, take a gander at this list of the best pranks for roommates.

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    Strap An Air Horn To Their Office Chair

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    If your roommate has an adjustable office chair at their desk, this one's for you. It's surprisingly easy to put together, and the payoff can make for some truly unforgettable entertainment. All you need to do is tape an air horn to the base of the chair, being sure to put it in place in such a way that when your roommate sits on the seat, the horn will be activated and emit that telltale bloodcurdling siren. Be prepared to laugh. Hard.

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    Hide A Bunch Of Alarm Clocks, All Set For The Same Time, Around Their Room

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    Travel clocks are remarkably cheap and readily available at any store. Buy several, set them all for the same time, and conceal them well in various places around your roommate's room. When they all go off, your roommate will be both baffled and P.O.'d, and you'll be in for a hearty laugh.

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    Pull The Caramel "Apple" Prank

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    OK, in all honesty, this one is a little nasty, but, oh, what a prank it is. Basically, you make a caramel apple, except instead of using an apple, you use a big juicy onion. When your roommate sees a freshly-dipped caramel apple waiting for them, they'll be sure to dig in with abandon. The moment it all registers on their face will make this one worth it.

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    Replace The Oreo Filling With Toothpaste

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    There's really no such thing as too many food-based pranks. Remove a row of Oreos from their sleeve and gingerly pull apart each cookie. The frosting center should practically peel off with a little gentle picking. Then, fill each cookie with white toothpaste, reassemble, return to sleeve, and wait for hell to be unleashed.

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