25 Memes All RPG Fans Can Relate To

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Role-playing games, otherwise known as RPGs, remain one of the most popular and diverse genres in the medium, encapsulating all manner of entertainment from slaying dragons to courting potential spouses. But because RPGs all fall victim to similar tropes and styles of gameplay, role playing game memes apply to almost any game within the genre. Generic skill trees, linear relationship systems and a reliance on binge-eating food/drink to heal a player's near-fatal wounds all fall under standard RPG gameplay, making RPG memes practically universal. The memes below highlight the twisted and timeless logic of the role playing game

Firstly, you start any game with your basic sword, pistol, fishing rod, and use it to kill the boars that populate the initial setting. Then comes a guy with a ridiculous outfit and insane top-hat who you instinctively know possesses the game's hottest loot. But he'll only sell you one greatsword, despite the fact you're already carrying five-hundred ingots of iron ore without complaint. These common tropes of the genre allow for memes about RPGs to apply to nearly any RPG, similar to how first-person shooter memes all hit a bullseye when applied to FPS. These are the types of memes that, unlike your fledgling character, never run out of mana.

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    The Hat Gives It Away

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    And It Only Took 50+ Hours Of Grinding

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    Wear It Proudly

    Wear It Proudly
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    The Queen Of RPGs

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    A Cure For Wellness: Fromage

    A Cure For Wellness: Fromage
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    A Tale Of Two Slayers

    A Tale Of Two Slayers
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