Maps We Unearthed The Most Depressing Locations Ever Spotted On Google Maps  

Mick Jacobs

Cartographers want to help you know your location and to get where you're going. They couldn't care less about whether or not the names of locations are appealing. In the video below, some of the worst-named places on Earth finally receive the attention they deserve.

If you thought Tombstone, AZ, or Hell, MI, had it rough in the name department, wait until you familiarize yourself with places named "Accident" or "Useless." Some places deal with horrible weather, others deal with terrible names.

Ironically enough, many of the saddest locations on maps actually aren't all that somber when you go to visit them. Some even boast entire communities of people united together under the same sad title.

Well as they say, misery loves company, and nothing's quite as unique as coming from a self-deprecating hometown. Check out all the saddest places on earth in the video below.