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The 22 Best Funny But Sad Memes

Updated April 17, 2019 3.0k votes 447 voters 9.9k views22 items

List RulesVote up the memes that make you laugh, even though you feel bad about it.

The words "tragicomedy" and "bittersweet" seem to combine contradictory notions. But the existence of such words is a reminder that "mixed emotions" are a reality. Bring on the memes, which play into this psychology by pounding our psyches with imagery that toys with feelings on opposite spectrums.

Memes, which address everything from the iPhone vs. Android argument to hilarious before-and-after scenarios, are a rich source of images both hilarious and depressing - usually accompaned by a bit of guilt over laughing at someone else's sorrow, melancholy, or general misfortune. Some of these memes are so sad you have to laugh to keep from crying. But sometimes what we're really laughing at is the recognition it could easily be us in the same sad situation.  

So don't feel too much guilt. You're only human, and humans are hilariously messed up at times. Between the tears and laughter, be sure to vote up the memes that are funny in a dark way. 

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