48 Hilarious and Infamous School Picture Day Photos

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If everyone prepared for picture day at school like the people on this list, then every picture day picture, or mandatory-weird-angled-non-realistic-background-having school photo, would be amazing. What if we could bring stuff like toy swords, horse masks, print t-shirts, wigs, and really whatever we wanted to yearbook picture day? The only people who are going to share them at this point are your parents via picture frames IN YOUR OWN HOUSE! 

So, why not take a ridiculous picture with a dumb shirt that makes you look like less than stellar? Or why not get the yearbook laughs instead of sticking to the unnecessary propriety prescribed to everyone on picture day? This isn't the '50s, or LinkedIn. These are pictures your peers will see and that you'll look back on one day to remember how awkward you looked. Your adult self will be forever grateful to the kid who turned in such a hilarious school picture.

From a time where this stuff mattered to parents a lot more, here are the best, funny school picture day pictures, ID photos or yearbook photos ever taken of kids who wanted to be a little different, or who unassumingly messed up their picture by doing something accidentally, which is that much more hilarious.