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These Hilarious Photos Ultimately Prove Seagulls Are A Seaside Menace

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Seagulls are truly the jerkiest of sea-birds. Not only are these sky-soaring hooligans loud and demanding - they are rude, crude, and have an all-around bad attitude! Leave it up to the people of planet Earth to call out these devious, snack-swooping birds for their foul and just plain f*cked up behavior! By presenting photographic proof of mean seagulls in action, these feathered bullies are exposed to the world in full-force.

As if their reputation for notoriously pooping on whatever they feel like, eating anything that will fit in their mouth, and stealing everything left in plain sight wasn't enough, they just don't care about being caught in the act! These hilarious seagull photos, in the form of snapshots of seagulls nabbing food, pestering innocent bystanders, and just downright causing a ruckus where they don't belong, gives the world enough hard evidence to condemn these flying menaces.

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    A Fierce Garbage Disposal

    Photo: u/Faneste123 / Reddit
    Menacing bird?
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    Seagull Gets Caught Snatching An Expensive Electronic

    Menacing bird?
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    He's A Pest With A Sweet Tooth

    Photo: u/Se7enOne / Reddit
    Menacing bird?
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    These Seagulls Picked A Fight With The Wrong Crowd

    Photo: u/CANT_TRUST_HILLARY / Reddit
    Menacing bird?