18 Hilarious Times That People Roasted Themselves In Order To Prove A Point

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Some of the best burns are the ones that contain a smidgen or self-deprecation, but these people took it to a whole other level. From joking about being dropped as a child to roasting their own parents' marital situation, these are some of the most devastating self-burns people used in order to prove a point. Enjoy!

  • 1. Dentist Catching Strays

    Dentist Catching Strays
    Photo: u/AlwaysJustinTime69 / Reddit
    31 votes
  • 2. A Cool Guy

    A Cool Guy
    Photo: u/mobileisinferior / Reddit
    27 votes
  • 3. Honest Reviews

    Honest Reviews
    Photo: u/JoleenHadnott / Reddit
    18 votes
  • 4. No Offense

    No Offense
    Photo: Twitter / Reddit
    26 votes
  • 5. She Won

    She Won
    Photo: Twitter / Reddit
    35 votes
  • 6. The Best Self-Roasts Are Accidental

    The Best Self-Roasts Are Accidental
    Photo: u/GeneralOtter03 / Reddit
    17 votes