The Funniest Shows To Watch When You're Drunk

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You've just come home from the bar and even though you might be a little tipsy, it's not uncommon to pick up a remote and turn on the TV... but what to watch? For most people who've kicked back a few, finding the right show means looking into their favorite comedies. Let's face it, when you get intoxicated, things usually seem funnier anyway, so why not watch your favorite funny show?

Determining which comedy is the best can be difficult, especially when you're already drunk! Fortunately, the difficulty is lifted thanks to lists like this one, which tells you exactly what the world believes to be the funniest shows to watch while drunk. Hand over your remote and consider this list your designated watching guide. You may not get all the jokes, and you might have to rewatch them sober, but turning on any of these great programs will be your best bet to get through the night - also, don't forget to drink lots of water and have a snack before you pass out on the couch!

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