23 Signs That Have Absolutely No Reason To Be This Funny

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Most signs are designed to be plain and easy to understand. However, every now and then, a sign will come along that breaks that mold. These signs were definitely designed to be funny for absolutely no reason at all. Join in on the hilarity and be sure to vote up the funniest signs!

  • 1. Beware Of The Wilderness

    Beware Of The Wilderness
    Photo: u/nofomo2 / Reddit
    96 votes
  • 2. Parents Beware

    Parents Beware
    Photo: u/levidevos / Reddit
    87 votes
  • 3. The Cat Strikes Again

    The Cat Strikes Again
    Photo: u/Brunson21 / Reddit
    88 votes
  • 4. A Free Brake Test

    A Free Brake Test
    Photo: u/BoozeSlinger32 / Reddit
    75 votes
  • 5. Definitely A Necessity

    Definitely A Necessity
    Photo: u/dnissimi / Reddit
    88 votes
  • 6. A Fair Warning

    A Fair Warning
    Photo: u/ChemicalChameleon / Reddit
    63 votes