27 Signs That Are Way Funnier Than They Needed To Be

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Signs are meant to be informative, but sometimes all they end up being is a joke. The signs on this list were designed with a purpose. These signs were made to be taken seriously which just makes them all the more funny. The subreddit r/funny is filled with hilarious signs just waiting to be laughed at and so much more. So, be sure to vote up the funniest signs!

  • 1. Based On A Yelp Review

    Based On A Yelp Review
    Photo: u/Sclerodermasucks17 / Reddit
    4,008 votes
  • 2. Signed Note Required

    Signed Note Required
    Photo: u/j_bone1979 / Reddit
    3,551 votes
  • 3. Don't Trust The GPS

    Don't Trust The GPS
    Photo: u/Sensitive_Attitude27 / Reddit
    4,265 votes
  • 4. Car Ride Menu

    Car Ride Menu
    Photo: u/PmP_Eaz / Reddit
    5,753 votes
  • 5. Wild Goose Warning

    Wild Goose Warning
    Photo: u/F00lishM0rtal / Reddit
    3,527 votes
  • 6. Plot Twist: There Is No Valet

    Plot Twist: There Is No Valet
    Photo: u/LVbellman / Reddit
    3,198 votes