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Funny Names to Give a Skunk

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Do you have a pet skunk? Yes, people can and do have pet skunks. As with any pet, finding the perfect name is important. This list of skunk name ideas may help.

Some may cringe at the very mention of the word “skunk,” but if you put aside the fact that these little stinkers pack one wallop of a stinky spray to protect themselves from predators, they’re actually odor-able animals. These little furry wonders are like cute house cats, with a built-in mechanism to make sure you know when they don’t want to be bothered.

Perhaps the most obvious cute skunk name is…you guessed it: “Stinky.” Why not just state the obvious, right? This list of pet skunk name ideas includes several monikers related to the dear skunk’s offensive odor issues: “Funky,” “Fart Squirrel,” “Lysol” or even “Febreeze” will work nicely as names for pet skunks.

The second most obvious cool skunk name is without a doubt “Pepe Le Pew.” This adorable cartoon skunk first appeared on screen in 1945, pursuing his beloved feline friend Penny. Alas, Penny never really returned poor Pepe’s affections, but it was fun watching him try to woo her. Other funny and clever skunk names include “Flower” (the sweet skunk from Bambi), “Stella” (from Over the Hedge), and “Stinkerbelle” (a play on the iconic and forever youthful Tinkerbelle from Peter Pan).

And don’t forget when considering cool skunk name ideas to include names that rhyme, so: “Funky” and “Punk” would work nicely.

Enjoy these good names for skunks, and be sure to vote for your favorites!

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