VOTE 26 People Who Are Smiling A Little Too Hard For Their Mugshots  

Ashley Reign
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Though smiling mugshots may seem like an oxymoron, certain folks insist on attempting to make the best of every situation, and that includes never wasting a photo opportunity. Here you'll meet a group of people smiling in mugshots for reasons ranging from unbridled optimism to killer cocaine highs that refuse to be interrupted by a trip downtown. While some appear to be rather new at the mugshot smile game, others look like seasoned professionals who know a thing or two about how fun mugshots can be. Or maybe they realize how much their lives are about to change, and now all they can do is smile through it.

While, hopefully, you'll never be in the position to flash your own funny mugshot smiles, the people you're about to meet should give you some pretty good ideas of dos and don'ts should the situation ever arise. So the next time you find yourself in the dumps, check out these pictures of people smiling in mugshots. Remember, perspective is everything; while these smiling mugshot perps are in prison, you're at a computer.

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26 People Who Are Smiling A Little Too Hard For Their Mugshots