24 Epic Snapchat Insults

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If you use the photo-messaging app Snapchat, you know how fun it can be to send a photo with a funny caption or drawing on it and have the message delete itself in a few seconds. Since Snapchat messages delete themselves, they probably can't come back to haunt you if you send a half-naked selfie or horrible insult... or can they?

Because of Snapchat's self-destructive behavior, there isn't as huge of a depository of mean Snapchat messages as you might imagine there would be on the Internet. We scoured the Web for the best Snapchat insults and know you'll have a laugh at someone's expense.

So how do you like your Snapchat insults: with just a plain caption or a side of photo painting? If you're looking to up your insult game, Snapchat just might be the social media platform for you. Take some lessons from the Snapchatters below who know how to throw some serious shade an be sure to upvote the best Snapchat insults and sickest burns.

  • 1. The Tinder Truth

    The Tinder Truth
    Photo: user uploaded image
    2,097 votes
  • 2. When a Store Gets Sassy

    1,376 votes
  • 3. Take out the Trash

    Take out the Trash
    Photo: user uploaded image
    1,635 votes
  • 4. For When These Bitches Frontin'

    For When These Bitches Frontin'
    Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY
    1,054 votes
  • 5. When She Won't Stop Texting You, Even Though You're Openly Ignoring Her

    1,054 votes
  • 6. Dollar Tree Speaking Truth

    Dollar Tree Speaking Truth
    Photo: flickr / CC0
    958 votes